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Methods eliminating beer belly vary in ages

20 years old
Body function is at its peak at this period of time, heart rate, lung capacity, flexibility, stability and elasticity are at the best. In terms of sports medicine, insufficient exercise can cause more adverse effect to the body than over-exercise. People of this age range can take exercise of almost any intensity.  "conventional manual" attained at this period of time by muscle strengthening exercise will not disappear even if you stop exercising. By endurance exercise, the   amount of blood flows can be increased. All in all, people who are twentysome must pay attention to regular exercise in order to maintain good health.

30 years old
For people of this age, the body function has past its peak. At this moment, if one ignores the physical exercise, the oxygen uptake which is very important for endurance will gradually decline. But don't fear, because you're still young. At this point the body joints can make some noise when you stretch out, which is a sign of joint disease. In order to maintain good flexibility, you should do more stretching. You should also note exercises which can benefit the cardiovascular system. Keep regular exercise on a daily basis each time for 30 minutes can give you considerable benefits.

40 years old
Compared with the 20-year-old, the exercisibility of the muscles has fallen by 25%. The physical strength also gradually declines. There will be muscle atrophy and weight gaining year by year. Most will have a beer belly due to less exercise and big amount of food intake.

Those who are more than 40, therefore, should exercise not only for the sake of figure maintaining, but also for the sake of preventing common age-related diseases, such as hypertension, cardiovascular disease, etc. Exercises should cover 25 to 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise, 10 ~ 15 minutes of equipment practice and moderate intensity, such as jogging, swimming, cycling, etc. For people over 50, the pulse should be less than 130 ~ 140 times per minute. In order to prevent the accident, one had better not use dumbbell. 5 ~ 10 minutes of stretching is necessary. Pay special attention to the activities of each joint and parts vulnerable to muscle atrophy.    

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