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Six myths on blood enrichment

Myth 1: Eating pork liver can supplement blood
Liver is the largest organ detoxification in pig. All sorts of toxic metabolites and certain toxic substances in the feed can stay in the liver, enter the kidney after detoxification and discharge through the urine . Pork liver contains toxins which can deposit in the tens of thousands of pork liver sinus. The nutrition of pork liver also has a large number of toxins.

Myth 2: donkey-hide gelatin can nourish the blood  
A lot of people think donkey-hide gelatin can enrich one's blood. In actuality, it cannot enrivh the blood directly. Through the donkey skin convergence function, it makes the blood temporarily converge (gelatin is made from donkey skin) and concentrated in one place so that the body can stay in a better state for the moment. If your spleen and stomach function is normal, even eating rice and steamed bread can be "complementary".

Myth 3: brown sugar blood has good blood tonic effect
It is widely believed in the folk that brown sugar water can replenish blood.  Women in menstrual period and after puerpera childbirth often drink brown sugar water. But experts have noted that the brown sugar water and no such magical effects as said in the folklore as "tonifying qi and blood", "promoting uterine contractions, educting postpartum intrauterine blood clots and prompting uterine recovery". In fact, brown sugar has no active components of blood enrichment.

Myth 4: Drinking milk can supplement iron
Milk is rich in protein and other nutrients, but not in iron content. The body can only absorb 10% of the iron in th milk. Basically it is difficult to be of sufficient supply to women in menstrual period. Therefore, it is not feasible to rely on drinking milk to supplement iron and blood.

Myth 5: Eating red jujubes can be blood nourishing
Eating red jujube can indeed supplement blood. But eating only red jujubes can not achieve such effect. The absorption rate is not high so the effect is not obvious. But if eating along with  other foods, the effect will be unexpectedly good.

Myth 6: spinach is better than meat
Spinach is one of the few vegetables with high iron content. Many women think that eating spinach can keep sufficient iron supply without making them fat, so they eat spinach instead of meat. Compared with spinach, meat is a better source of iron. Beef, chicken containing iron of which 15% - 35% can be can be absorbed by the human body while for the spinach, it is only  2% - 20%. So eating meat is preferred.

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