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Tea for skin care

Mulberry leaf and green tea
In the hot summer, one sweats more, which makes it easier to cause increased blood viscosity. One can feel fatigue easily. High blood viscosity can exert heavy pressure on heart. Green tea has strong convergence effect and rich amino acids. It contains very abundant catechins which are of goof bactericidal and anti-inflammatory and immunity-enhancing effect. Although it is beneficial to drink green tea , yet you need to remember not to make it too strong. In addition,do not drink green tea on an empty stomach,

Honeysuckle is an ancient drug. Its property is on the cold side. It can help expel the internal heat without causing damage to the stomach. It is good for all kinds of heat-originated diseases, such as fever, rash, hair spot, gangrene of carbuncle and sore throats etc.

Rose water
Rose is not only the symbol of romance but also a kind of very good medicine food and flowers. As early as 2000 years ago, people started to use roses to cure diseases, especially in the case of skin care.

Purple roses can boost metabolism, help with detoxification, bowel movement, slimming and endocrine regulation. It is most suitable for those who suffer from obesity due to endocrine disorder. Pink roses and jasmine collocation has good slimming effect. Jasmine can improve lethargy and anxiety. It is also conducive for chronic stomach disease and menstrual disorders.

Rose water can most reflect the efficacy of rose. You can take it both orally and externally. For oral administration, you can use boiling water for brewing with honey or sugar. It has the effect of blood enriching, qi nourishing and skin care. For external use, you can apply some rose water on the face after cleaning and massage the face for a little while. This helps whiten then skin.

Lotus leaf tea
Lotus leaf has the efficacy of expelling heat and moistrurizing. Hawthorn can help promote appetite and digestion. Rice kernels is advantageous for relieve swelling, spleen strengthening,

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