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Three kinds of potatoes benefit you in summer

Yu potato (yam) - moisturizing skin care, spleen and stomach
In this season, one should eat more food which helps clear excessive heat like yam. Yam, which is called Yu potato, contains a kind of important nutrient named diosgenin which is referred to as natural DHEA. It contains all kinds of hormone basics and can promote the synthesis of endocrine hormone. It can promote the metabolism of skin cells, improve skin moisturizing function and improve physical fitness. The gastric and intestinal discomfort caused by eating cold food and have freezing drinks in summer can also be relived by having some yam.

Purple potato: protect blood vessels
In summer, preventing cardiovascular disease and allergies is a subject that many cannot avoid.  Having some purple potatoes can be beneficial at this time. Purple potatoes are rich in iron, selenium, and anthocyanins. Selenium and iron are essential elements for anti-fatigue, anti-aging and blood supplement. Especially selenium, it is known as the king of anticancer.  Anthocyanins is a powerful antioxidant, it can protect the human body from the damage caused by  a harmful substance known as free radicals. Anthocyanins can also enhance hemal flexibility, improve circulation, inhibit inflammation and allergy and improve joint flexibility.

Potato: prevent emotional heatstroke
In the dog days, the temperature is very high, at this time people tend get irritation,  distraction, listlessness, thought disorder, loss of appetite, impatience, anxiety and other abnormal emotions. This  is the "emotional" heat stroke.

"Emotion" heat stroke in summer can cause great harm to one's physical and mental health, especially to the elderly. Mood disorders can cause myocardial ischemia, arrhythmia, higher blood pressure and even sudden death. To prevent emotional heatstroke, one might as well eat some potatoes. Potato contains vitamin C and has high calorific value. Those with emotional heat stroke are most vulnerable to negative emotions, such as depression, frustration and upset. tHEminerals and nutrients that potatoes contain can effect on the human body and improve one's mental state.

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