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Underwear is important to vaginal health

Generally, underwear is divided into three categories, triangle, quadrangle and pentagram shapes.

1, High-waisted briefs

Applicable group: Those with no excess body fat in the lumbar or abdomen and sporty girls.

This kind of briefs are matching to aerobics clothing, summer skirts and pants.

For those who have excessive fat in the belly or those with coxal prolapse, high-waisted briefs are not a good choice.

2, Middle-waisted boxers

It is suitable for people of all kinds of figures.

This kind of boxers can go with pants and skirts, all that is needed is to avoid the low-waist and or middle-waist design in skirts and pants in case the waist line of your underwear being showed.

3, High-waist trousers boxers

This style of pants is similar to traditional beam trousers. Those who hope to tuck in the belly and make the legs less loose can choose this kind of boxers. If collocated with tie-in pants, the hips and legs will look good but if you are going to wear skirts, you should check whether the boxers will be exposed or not before you go out. Those who don't like the feeling of being bound should not choose this style.

4, Pentagonal briefs

The design is focused on the bottom line of good elasticity which can prevent coxal prolapse and improve buttock curves. It is suitable for the female with saggy hips. Pentagonal briefs can match almost any kinds of skirts and pants. You must pay attention to the color. Choose light color as far as possible. Those who hope to tuck in the belly should not go for this design.

Tips for washing your underwear

1, Underwear should be changed and washed in time every day. Don't let the underwear stay dirty over night, or bacteria can easily breed and increase the difficulty of cleaning.

2, Underwear must be washed by hand.

3, The utensil should be exclusive and the water had better be cold water.

4, Avoid direct exposure to the sun when drying. Hang it in the shade, or else it will destroy the fibrous tissue, causing stiffness and deformation.

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