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Efficacies of pomegranate husk

1, Yellow fluid ulcers: 10 grams pomegranate peel , 5g cortex phellodendri, 5g withered alum. Grind them and mix well.Drop in some sesame oil and stir into patties. Apply to the affected area once a day.
2, Indigestion: 50g fresh pomegranate peels, 30 g fresh yam, 10g chicken's gizzard-membrane. Smash into paste and apply to Shenque acupuncture point,cover with gauze. Change to new paste after each 24 hours.
3, diarrhea: 30g pomegranate skin, 20g red halloysite nutmeg, 10 g ephedra. Grind well and tune into a paste with vinegar. Apply to the navel area and fix it with tape once a day.
4, breath sores: Grind carbonized pomegranate skin and borneol. Blend with sesame oil twice a day.
5, Ascarid: 25g pomegranate peels, 10 g neem barks. Cook with water and brown sugar. . A dose a day before meals.
6, hemorrhoids: pomegranate rind, carbonized fructus sophorae. Make them into pills. Every time take 6 grams with boiled water, twice a day.
7, burns: Grind pomegranate rind, lotus root. Tune into paste with sesame oil and apply to the affected part 2-3times a day.
8, tympanitis: Make pomegranate skin and borneol into powder. Clean the ears with hydrogen peroxide and then blow moderate amount of powder into the ears once a day.
9, psoriasis: Grind pomegranate rind and blister beetle into powder and tune into a paste with sesame oil. Apply to the affected area twice a day.
10, uterine prolapse: 30g pomegranate skin, 30 g astragalus, 6g Chinese gall, 6g alum. Cook with water and take the water for external use foreach time in the morning and at night for 30 minutes.
11, sprain: Take pomegranate rind, rhubarb, red flowers and rhizoma ligustici wallichii. Grind well and apply to the affected area once a day.

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