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How to drive away fatigue?

1, Widen the mouth when yawning
The brain is the most sensitive organs to fatigue. When a person is tired, the brain will be in the condition of hypoxia. At this point, the brain will give orders of a few yawn to let a person inhale more oxygen. Clinical studies find that the oxygen amount inhaled when people yawn five times the amount of the oxygen of one normal inhale. Therefore, when you feel tired, you should force yourself to a few yawns to inhale more oxygen. This will improve the state of oxygen shortage in the brain and invigorate the brain cells. If after each yawning, you can massage your scalp with your fingers, the soothing effect will be better.
2, kneading the middle finger
After long time's work, it is easy to appear sleepiness. At this point, kneading the middle finger of both hands can help drive away the sleepy feeling. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks that massaging the zhongchong acupuncture point is very sensitive to pain. If people get sleepy, kneading the acupuncture point can be of refreshing effect. Specific operation method is: first, kneading the zhongchong acupuncture point of the right hand with the left hand for 1 minutes, and then alternate with the left hand.

3, exercise your shoulders
According to the survey data, in all patients with scapulohumeral periarthritis and other shoulder disorders, 70% are office workers. From this we can infer that the shoulder is an important part that we should exercise.
1.Take standing position. Keep the heels together and hands clenched. Keeps the arms horizontal and vertical to the body. Bend the wrist with your hands clenched till the fullest. Inhale at the same time for 10 seconds and then suddenly loosen the fist while exhaling. Repeat this exercise for 20 times. This helps relax the shoulders and wrist muscles.
2. Take standing position, separate the legs to shoulder length. Rotating the arms with the shoulder as shaft for ten laps and then in the opposite direction for 10 laps. The swings should be big and the movement can go from slow to quick. You can repeat this session for 3 ~ 5 times continuously. This exercise can fully exercise the shoulder joint and has good preventive and curative effect on periarthritis of shoulder.

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