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The benzene in the car is not carcinogenic

Rumor: After entering the car, don't turn on the air condition immediately. Open the windows and wait for some time before turning on the air conditioning as dashboard, sofa, air filter will release benzene which is a kind of carcinogenic toxin. Exposure to this substance can lead to higher risk of suffering from leukemia. Besides this, benzene also can erode our bones, cause anemia and reduce the number of white blood cells. For the women in pregnancy ,long-term intake of benzene can cause miscarriage. The content of benzene in the car parked in the sun with more than 60 degrees Fahrenheit (15.6 ℃) will be 40 times higher than the index that human being can accept.

In 2001, South Korea's research for the people who spend long time commuting in vehicles(including cars and buses). Although it is found that vehicles do increase the benzene exposure, but there are have obvious differences from what has described in the rumor. The study found that taking vehicles has increased the exposure to a variety of harmful substances, among which benzene is one of them. But the primary factor is the fuel, rather than car components like dashboard.

The study finds out that the benzene content of the old cars is higher than that of the new cars. This shows that the dashboard and interior components which send out the "new car smell" is not the main source of benzene.

The study also shows that the benzene exposure level in winter has significantly increased which explains that automotive air conditioning is not the main source of benzene. No connection is found between the benzene exposure due to commuting and cancer.

In 2007, Germany has a study about "the air toxicity inside parking cars". The research shows that the air in new car shows no signs of toxicity, only some tiny immune response. Theoretically these reactions can cause allergies in some human body. But for old cars, this phenomenon is not gonna happen. The conclusion is: "There is no clear wizard in the air inside parking cars".

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