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How to keep yourself refreshed in a day?

7 am: Get up when the alarm clock rings. Oversleeping in the morning is prone to delay your biological clock, making it harder for you to fall asleep in the evening. Even if you stay up at night, you should get up in time and supplement your sleep by a nap at noon.

7:10 am Stand for a while beside the window
The sunlight in the morning helps the adjustment of one's biological clock in the morning. It is suggested to keep the windows open for a while after getting up as the fresh air will you instantly energetic and vigorous.

7:30 amSmell the coffee
Caffeine can help refreshing one's mind. For those who don't like drinking coffee, simply smelling it can help promote alertness.

7:45 am Drink a glass of water, eat breakfast. Drinking a glass of water in the morning can improve the awareness and eliminate fatigue. It is best to have breakfast 1 hour after getting (preferably oatmeal with raisins) as it can improve energy and enhance your brain function.

10 am: Have a cup of coffee. What need to be reminded is, that one can only take in about 400 milligrams of caffeine. Do not exceed 500 mg, otherwise it is easy to cause stress and irritability. You'd better don't drink coffee after the afternoon, otherwise it can affect your sleep quality.

12 am: take a nap
30 minutes of nap at noon can make up for one missing hour of sleep at night and improve the awareness, the ability to act and enhance one's emotions. Have a light lunch. Overeating or having food which is too oily can cause drowsiness so the meals are preferably light.

3 pm : Take a walk for 10 minutes
Many find this time a trough of energy. At this time, taking a walk for mere ten minutes can keep you energetic for two hours.

4 pm: deep breathing. When you feel tired, deep breathing is beneficial to stress relief. It also can promote the lung function, increases lung capacity and blood oxygen uptake and accelerate the blood circulation.

8-10 pm: Watch less TV. 2 hours before you go to sleep, the body usually will be excited again, you should try to relax at this moment.

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