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Get rid of your sunburns by DIY-mung-bean-mask

After exposure to intense ultraviolet radiation, there will be formation of a protective melanin cells in skin surface and if not cleaned in time, they can accumulate and cause sunburns.
Treatment measures: Mash 100g steamed mung bean, add in 1 teaspoon of honey + 2 drops of rose essential oil and blend into paste. Apply it on the skin each time for 15 and 3 times every week.

It is likely to be caused by endocrine disorder, abnormal metabolism decomposition old female progestational hormones or improper postpartum repair.
Treatment measures:The key is not to deal with your face but your endocrine balance. 10 ml of grape seed oil + 2 coriander + 2 drops lavender. Apply on sacral coccygeal vertebra, gently massage until completely absorbed. Do this once a day and keep doing it for 2 ~ 3 months nonstop.

Blain imprints
When there are acnes emerging on the face, improper dealing methods can lead to infection and residues in the hair follicles and cause imprints.
Treatment measures: Balance water and oil secretion, disinfect and unblock local imprinted skin. 30 ml of green tea water + 2 hua limu + 2 drops bergamot. Apply 10 ml each time with cotton pad. Do this once a day.

Uneven skin tone
For most people, uneven skin color is normal due to different metabolic abilities.When dealing with external factors such as ultraviolet light, cold air, there will be different manifestations. However, the uneven skin tone we refers to is dull skin tone and local spots. For this problem, we should adjust overall.

1. Keep a reasonable way of living. Eating regularly and get enough sleep.
2. Consciously do some reasonable venting.
3. Eat toxic-discharging food on a regular basis.
4. Do some aerobics frequently to strengthen the skin's ability to detoxify.

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