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Three things to do after meals

Rinsing your mouth after meals helps prevent dental disease. It is more helpful than brushing the teeth in the morning up and before sleeping. Rinsing your mouth after meals can remove food residue, which is conducive to the prevention of dental caries and periodontosis. Besides the harmful bacteria in the oral cavity, there are also beneficial bacteria groups. Long-term use of mouthwash has bactericidal effect and cause dysbacteriosis of the mouth which is adverse to oral health.The effect of salt water and tea mouthwash works best. Especially the tea, the tea catechins can stay on the oropharynx mucous membrane and prevent the flu virus from invading the mucous membrane and prevent flu. When gargling, hold a mouthful of tea with your lips tightly closed. Relax the teeth and then blow your cheek so that the liquid will go through the teeth. Do this repeatedly and then spit the water out.

Rubbing the face and massaging the belly. This contributes to gastric bowel peristalsis and abdominal cavity blood circulation and boost gastrointestinal function. Take the navel area as the center. Rub the abdomen with your palm gently and slowly until the belly gets warm.

If you rub your face with your hands, the salivary glands under the surface will produce saliva which is the basic physiological functions of lubricating, cleaning the mouth, killing bacteria, dissolve substances harmful to the teeth, soften food so it is easy to be swallowed, break down starch and promote digestion.

Taking a walk after meals. 30 minutes after meal, you should go for walk to help digestion, promote metabolism, prevent obesity and improve sleep quality. Study have found that for most people, only at the speed of 120 steps per minute can you achieve the exercise effects. In addition, taking a walk in the morning is advantageous to the peristalsis of intestines and stomach. Pay attention that the stride length should not be too big, otherwise it will cause soreness in the leg and hip muscles.

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