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Pomelos benefit your slimming

During the winter, the fruits on the market are less varied than in summer and autumn. If you are a weight watcher, what should you have in winter in order to maintain or lose weight? Here we will particularly recommend you pomelo as it has a lot of efficacies. It can not only supplement the water you need, but also help you to lose weight. Now you don't have to think too much about what fruits to eat now.

For women, having pomelos in winter can help with detoxification, aperient diuresis and skin care. In addition the meat of pomelo is rich in vitamin C and insulin - which have the functions of lowering blood sugar and blood fat, weight loss and skin protection. It is an ideal fruit to eat in winter.

Pomelo is rich in carotene, vitamin B, vitamin C, minerals, sugars, volatile oil and so on. Similar to the other flavonoid, pomelo peels have anti-inflammatory effects. The study of modern medicine reveals that pomelocontains very rich vitamin C and insulin, so it is very ideal to reduce blood sugar, blood fat and weight as well as protecting the skin. Having it frequently can be conducive to the treatment for diseases such as diabetes, vascular sclerosis and obesity

Compared with the other fruits, pomelo is rich in vitamin c, fiber content which can produce fullness feeling in your stomach. Its quantity of heat is very low as a piece of pomelo (140 g) contains only 20 calories. The remarkable effect of pomelo lies in that it contains rich fruit acid which can effectively stimulate gastrointestinal mucosa and influence the absorption of nutrients, thus suppressing the appetite. It contains special amino acid that can inhibit insulin secretion, thus inhibiting glucose converting into fat in the liver.

All the benefits being mentioned about pomelo, there are some points we should pay attention to when eating. The pomelos that are too bitter are unfavorable to eat; You cannot have too much too much of it at one time as it will affect liver detoxification and cause liver damage or other adverse reactions. What is even worse is that poisoning may occur. Symptoms including dizziness, nausea, palpitation, tachycardia, languid and lower blood pressure may appear.

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