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Exercise and diet, why not reduce weight?

1 you choose low-fat and light food, but eat a lot
For each calorie low-fat foods are relatively low, but if you tell yourself, "Hey, it is very delicate, so I can put all 500 ml eat clean."
If so, you finally intake of calories than you eat normal food even more.

2 drink calories more than you think
Orange Juice vitamin C content is extremely high, but if you're in the breakfast time drinking 500 ml, will more than 214 calories.
When you lose weight, must insist on drinking water of low calorie, sugar free tea and soda water.

3 you did not measure the daily intake or keep your daily intake
When you lose weight, measuring cups and slimming diary is your good helper.
Our eyes are difficult to measure a cup of porridge or a spoon of olive oil, therefore, the measurement results you want a cup and spoon is more accurate for you.
Write down what you eat food, they will help you to understand yourself today and calories.

4 you of condiments and additional food addiction
A baked potato is healthy, but when you add some cheese and Bacon later changed.
Condiments and other additional food would no doubt make the food more delicious, but they also make your meal calories more.
Of course I'm not saying you can't put a little Bacon in your salad, or put some mayonnaise on your sandwich. You need to do, is to pay attention to your spices, seasoning and pouring heat.

5 you eat too much have satiety, high calorie food
Peanut butter, nuts, olive oil, avocado and daily food is healthy for us, but because they are not lack of calories, so eat too much is not affected.
If you want to better slimming, remember after eating these foods high in calories, do moderate exercise.

6 are you on a diet, and to some extent in the fitness program
Whether you are in the gym, or follow your weight-loss plan, you are unlikely to be of two minds, to obtain satisfactory results.
On your plan must unremittingly, otherwise you get results only complain, not falling weight.

7  exercise you insufficiently or motion is not correct
Although the walk 15 minutes than you sit on sofa to watch TV do exercise more, however, don't expect that can make weight loss.
You need to increase the exercise time, if you can, the best day to do 30 minutes of exercise.
Consumption of calories and fat sports include: jogging, cycling, swimming training, training, training and intermittent, hiking, and good strength training.

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