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Fruit and vegetable crops diet, Qiao food can easily thin

Intro: don't want to exercise that how to be healthy diet? Today Xiaobian recommend several delicious fruit and vegetable crops, as long as the regular consumption can easily get rid of fat, thin out the sexy figure good oh.

Banana is known as the old killer, it can help you to toxins and wastes the body quickly, but also can improve the lumbar curve you, let you easily create sexy waist, waist to stay away from annoying oh. Those who want to easily use the MM rushed over to try to have a look

Oats can effectively help the little fat girl who lose weight Oh, as long as the regular consumption can easily get rid of the body fat, so as to thin out the good figure. Because the oats can promote gastrointestinal motility, let you eat the toxins and wastes can be quickly discharged, so as to thin out the sexy curve. MM are just as breakfast food, can from early to late thin

Kiwi is a very nutritious fruit, it is not only nutritious, but also add to your sense of satiety, let you eat can reduce the intake of back, at the same time kiwi fruit can promote the body detoxification, let those stranded in the toxins and wastes the body quickly away from the body, but also you a sexy body, so as to achieve lean waist effect.

The seed of job's tears
Barley is a very nutritious food, it can promote the detoxification of the body, but also let you away from edema of legs, at the same time to improve your skin, make its restore delicate luster. MM as long as the often eat delicious barley, easy to thin out the sexy legs Oh, those little legs MM rushed over to have a look.

Pear juice, it not only to quench their thirst, situation can improve indigestion. After that you often eat pears, will find that your body is far from edema and obesity, because of the pear can promote detoxification, let you away from annoying fat. The don't love moving MM to eat the delicious pear to lose weight.

Celery, eat up very refreshing, if you want a face lift, it will not miss it! Celery can promote the body to drain, let you from edema, when you chew, it can let facial masseter muscles get exercise, make its become more slender compaction, thereby improving the annoying pie face oh.

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