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You are likely to have dry eyes staying long in air-conditioned room

Symptoms that you are likely to have:

1,Itches, dryness and soreness. The eyes can get tired very easily. There is frequent blurred eyes accompanied by foreign body sensation.

2, When wearing contact lenses, the eyes will feel stuffs like sands, accompanied by tingling feeling and burning, which results in the reduction in corneal transparency and vision recess

3, Sometimes there will be temporary phenomenon of blurred vision. You are very sensitive to the stimulation of external light, wind, smoke, and afraid of light. You often feel tightness on your eyelids and feel uncomfortable. Sometimes the secretions become sticky, making the eye extremely uncomfortable.

How to prevent dry eyes in the air-conditioned environment?

1, Blink the eyes more.

Tears itself have the function of cleaning and protecting the cornea which is the best moisturizing cleaning fluid. Frequent blink of eyes can make the tears evenly coat on the surface of cornea and conjunctiva and keep the eyes moist. So you can blink your eyes more to prevent much moisture from evaporating.

2, More rest

Staying in front of the computer or a long time make the water loss in the eyes bigger. Hnece, you should have a rest for 10-15 minutes after each one hour. Keep a minimum distance of 60 cm to the screen.

3, tea moistening

At the same time of brewing a cup of tea with boiled water, put your eyes close to the mouth of the cup and feel the vapour with your eyes. In this way, your eyes can be greatly moistened and you will feel much more comfortable in the eyes immediately after doing this.

4, massage

Massaging your eyes can relieve the fatigue of your eyes by fastening the blood circulation of the eyes. It is very conducive to your eyes. You should stick to the good =habit of doing this every day.

5, hot compress

Before sleep every night, you had better use hot towel and apply it on your eyes. This helps alleviate muscle tension and is conducive to blood circulation of the eyes. It will relieve eye fatigue and achieve the purpose of effective prevention of dry eyes.

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