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WTF Is Up With All the F-Words?

It used to be punishable by bar-of-soap-in-mouth, but now the F-bomb is dropped everywhere. Do or Don't?

Once upon a time, telling someone to f--k off was the ultimate insult—the word had that much shock power. Today? Well, you can buy "Happy F--king Birthday" cards at the drugstore or, should you want to, an effing cute shirt (see We Wore What blogger Danielle Bernstein, above). But should we be so cavalier about our cursing? We asked celebs to vote: Do or Don't?

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DO: "I love it—it's appropriate almost anywhere. Sometimes nothing else gets the point across like the good ol' F-word."—Brooklyn Decker, actress and model

DON'T: "It's a Don't, even though I just dropped it five minutes ago. I am trying to catch myself. I have a lot of young followers, and I don't ever want to encourage them to get into bad habits."—Jamie Chung

DO: "I'm Italian! It's like an every-other-word Do for me! But don't use it just to use it. I'm a big fan of a well-placed F-bomb. And if you're not, then we can't be friends."—Sophia Bush, Chicago P.D.

DON'T: "It's a definite Don't. Because whenever I've used it, it always makes me seem angrier than I am, [especially] when it's in print. Like, 'Mindy Kaling was violently angry!'"—Mindy Kaling, The Mindy Project

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