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learn how to build and comely perfect bottom makeup

Introduction: In 2011 Singapore MAMA ceremony, many South Korea female star appearance, South Korea the belle stars makeup look big go light route to clear bottom makeup to win the spotlight, come to study with south Korean actress how to establish and comely perfect bottom makeup.

Seo In Young

Short hair Seo In Young played is absolutely in Singapore with MAMA held mean, a relaxed and small short skirt, plus a little short of the original, let a person have the feeling of place oneself in summer? In recent years, seems to South Korea female star is just roll degree depiction of eye makeup, let whole makeup look is very light.

Yoon Eunhye

Send out the Yoon Eunhye of the light makeup look line also go, only simple the package type look line not too much color, deserve to go up again the tender pink lips make-up, absolutely is the representative of the female temperament.

Park Si-yeon

The Park Si-yeon go with big earrings, sootiness makeup with naked color lip, harmony and dye-in-the-wood, match on the edge of the hook of the golden dress is very have lasting appeal.


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