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Not Only Iron Can Anti-wrinkle

In life, you will find our clothes often appear fold, we in addition to iron out the wrinkles in them, and there is no other way? Of course have.
Straight hair straight rod 
stick - straight rod not only can remove hair short-tempered. Press with your straight hair stick on your collar, insist on a few seconds, can remove wrinkles. Note that pay attention to clean your hair stick, and heat it to the right temperature - cotton, suitable for high temperature; Silk, with low temperature.

hair dryer
You know,  blow out hot air is enough to put your clothes ironed flat?As long as pay attention to the hair dryer and clothes to keep a distance of two feet, avoid burnt.

Shower head of steam
In the bath in the rain, hung in the window or near the door of the bathroom you need iron wrinkled clothes.Then you will readily shower bath, do what you like to do!After 15 minutes, you will get a dry body and a smooth dress!Kill two birds with one stone!

The dryer + ice
It sounds impossible, but it is a very effective way!Will be wrinkled clothes into the dryer, put on a few small pieces of ice, high temperature drying for a few minutes, the ice melt, your clothes will be smooth again

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