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9 Common Reasons That Cause Fat

Some people become fat,  and now they are using 2 Day Diet Fealthy Diet  to lose weight . but still  do not know the reson  how they are become fat. Clear the cause of obesity is the first step to lose weight. 10 below, small make up a list of the most common obesity, hurriedly drunbility, find themselves the cause of obesity.

1. Genetic causes
Some people may be born fat, this is mainly related to heredity.Children of parents unilaterally obese, according to one estimate, the risk of obesity is 40%, is four times that of ordinary people;If the parents are fat, the probability is as high as 80%, is 8 times of ordinary people.

2. Eating properly
Improper diet is the important cause of obesity.This is mainly embodied in two aspects, on the one hand, is a nutrient intake.In the daily diet, excessive intake of fat, protein, vitamins and other nutritional intake is insufficient, easy to get fat.On the other hand is to eat too much.This is easy to understand, even in low heat food, eat many, heat accumulation is also can make a person put on weight.

3. Edema puffiness
Some people's poor drainage function of the body, excess water accumulation can cause oedema fat in the body.These people want to lose weight, in addition to take more exercise, in dietary respect to eat the food diuresis detumescence, such as wax gourd, celery, etc

4. Metabolic disorders
Metabolic function is to remove something burden to the body, it is good for the body to new things, when the mechanism is not normal operation, there will be problems, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, weight gain is also a kind of phenomenon.In addition to the disease, the age growing, love to eat high quantity of heat, high fat food, bad living habits, could make metabolism is slow, poor metabolic heat, of course, I'll get fat.

5. Postpartum obesity
During pregnancy and postpartum months, mothers of nature is less than usual, and eat more than usual, too, become fat is very normal things.After production, the mothers of lumbar abdomen is flabby, easy to accumulation of fat, lead to out of shape.

6. Bad habits
Some small bad habits of life, the small details can be key to affect your figure.Such as some people like to sit down and cross your legs, this movement insist for a long time, will prevent the leg blood and lymph circulation, leading to lower body edema.

7. The lack of movement
Sports fewer people will basal metabolic rate is low, low basal metabolic rate will make the body's ability to burn calories is insufficient, easy to get fat.

8. Lack of sleep
Sleep deprivation in human metabolism of carbohydrates, causes blood sugar levels, elevated insulin concentration, lead to the body storing more fat.Can make leptin concentrations decrease at the same time, stimulate the body to absorb more carbohydrates, regulating body fat and muscle also decreases with the proportion of the effect of growth hormone concentrations, and then make you fat.

9. Mental pressure
 Stress adrenal cortisol index is high, easy to cause gastric peristalsis and enhancement digestion, increase appetite.When people feel pressure, will think of some way to divert attention, then, "eat" became the most people of anger.In this case, it's hard to think fat.

Those are the resons to make  you obsity, if you really fat, and finding a ways to lose weight , how about try 2 Day Diet Weight Loss Supplements .

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