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My Brother And I Love The iStick 30w Very Much

The iStick 30W boasts a lot of improvements over the 20W model, so you would forgive Eleaf if the 30W version was bigger. However they have managed to keep it almost exactly the same size. Check out the pics below to get a feeling for just how tiny it is. It is really good for slipping in your pocket and taking out with you. My brother and I just love its tiny size, which makes it so convenient and great for a little stealth vape!

The one thing that is slightly larger is the top cap which has been extended slightly. They did this so 23mm tanks will sit flush without any overhang. The sub ohm tanks which are mostly 22mm, all fit flush with no overhang.

Overall I think the iStick 30W looks really great. We love our pink colored one and it sits incredibly well in your hand when vaping. I would also recommend getting a silicon sleeve for it, which protects it a bit and improves grip.

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