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Appearance and Packaging for VaporFi

The packaging is very sleek and has a contemporary feel with its white box and labeling. The size of the box will differ depending on the kind of kit. The type of kit and photo of the product is also presented in front. The VaporFi electronic cigarettes look very futuristic because of its black and chrome colors. The express starter kit is the simplest with a cylindrical appearance. The body is white with a chrome strip in the middle and chrome tip. As users advance through the kits, the appearance also appear more modern. The body will get narrower at the point where users puff. There is also a button on the body to activate the atomizer.

According to users, VaporFi electronic cigarettes are among the most appealing in terms of design. The Jet starter kit, in particular, has a glass component where users can see the e-juice and know when it is time to refill. The Rebel is all chrome and truly looks like the most powerful of them all. It is thick but still lightweight.

How About Eleaf iStick Appearance and Packaging, you can have a look follow pictures, and you can Compare with Vaporfi, I think you will like iStick serises too, perfect size with perfet apperance. The biggest feature is very cheap with high quality, you can take less money to enjoy a better vape experience.

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