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Have You Ever Exprienced This MOD ?

When it comes to the whole-wide-world of vaping, there are many words that are thrown around that can leave people scratching their head. Mod, cartomizer, atomizer, and even PG/VG. With all these words, terms, and acronyms; the one you need to familiarize yourself with is MOD.

There are many different types of mod currently on the market, each of which has it's own unique qualities. You need to realize this, because it is crucial, that not all MOD are created equally. I'm not meaning this to say some out there are junk while others are amazing. I'm saying this in sense that they are not all interchangeable. Certain companies use proprietary threading, or sizing to make sure you purchase their device in which you own.

TC 70W Aspire Pegasus Box MOD delivers power up to 70 watts in normal mode and up to 70 watts in temperature mode, all in a sleek and classy device that fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. The battery compartment allows users to swap their batteries on the go making the Pegasus a wonderful combination of functionality and convenience.

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