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I Am Just A Vaper

From 2011 to today, in a few short years, I have been exposed to numerous electronic cigarette products. Before 2011, I was a cigarette lover, and then came into contact with an electronic cigarette product. I started my six years vaping trip. Cigarettes contain carbon monoxide and tar, which seriously endanger the health of my family and me, so I decided to smoke electronic cigarettes. I don't smoke, and I'm just a vaper.

As a veteran vaper, I've used countless products. I've been using Eleaf for three years, so I'm watching it grow. It has developed into a global brand, indicating that it is excellent. I was impressed by a recent touch of equipment. It's called Eleaf iKonn 220W. It has a maximum output power of up to 220W and needs only double 18650 cells to produce huge vapor. It has a 0.91 inch display screen, but you can clearly see the use of the two cells. This product has very good safety performance because it has dual circuit protection and reverse polarity protection function. In addition, iKonn 220 can also upgrade firmware. As a senior vaper, I can say that this is a good electronic cigarette equipment.

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