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New Equipment Come, Hurry To See

The RX Machina Kit joins Wismec's Reuleaux Series. The resin tube has a decorative, and patterned appearance that is equally reminiscent of fresh honeycomb or snakeskin depending on the limits of your imagination!

Let's take a look at Reuleaux RX Machina. It has an attractive Honeycomb Resin tube derived from ExMachina's design aesthetic. This unique design makes it a fashion icon. In addition to the elegant appearance, the RX Machina is also versatile. It has a new button, the mod can take full advantage of the inside tube space, thus making it compact. The RX Machina is smart enough, but can accommodate the smallest 20700 Mech mod. This is an interesting feature that most pipe machines are usually not available. In addition, you can also use the adaptive battery sleeve to install a 18650 cell, so you can enjoy the experience of different vape. More importantly, the fire button is designed for the perfect vape. It also includes an interchangeable exterior sleeves with attractive material and patterns. You can replace the decorative tube as you like just by unscrewing the 510 top cap.
As for the Guillotine even more incredible, it has a detachable structure and uses no conventional thread connection. You can easily clean and maintain it. The most attractive is the newly introduced Clapton coil, which can best match the 20700 battery. In addition, Guillotine is also easy to build with the low-removable sleeves which completely exposes the build coil. The sleeves can also serve as juice and set the direction of the air.
The Wismec Reuleaux RX Machina with Guillotine RDA vape kit has four colors to choose. They are Honeycomb Resin, Knurled Blackout, Swirled Metallic Resin and White Honeycomb. So impressive kit I believe you will love.

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