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Vapers Why Don't You Buy iPhone X

A few days ago, Apple Corp released the iPhone X. Many people are rushing to buy. Oddly enough, many vapers don't buy iPhone X. Why doesn't vapers buy iPhone X? They just wanted to buy more electronic cigarette equipments. Especially the iStick Trim With GSTurbo vape kit launched by Eleaf. The kit includes iStick Trim mod and GSTurbo atomizer. The first time you see it, and you'll be shocked by its exquisite and stylish design. It's small in size and easy to carry. You put it on your palm, and you can feel it is thin and light.

The mod is powered by a 18650 battery and can provide you with three different levels of power. They are the highest power, modest power, and lowest power. Different powers can give you different vaping experiences. The iStick Trim mod has an intuitive LED display at the top of the device, and you can see the level of the battery easily and clearly. The mod only has a single button operation, which is easy to learn. This device is a good choice for beginners. It supports 2A fast charging, and you can recharge the battery in very little time. It also has dual circuit protection, which protects both the software and hardware of the device. The Eleaf iStick Trim With GSTurbo vape kit is making us so shocked. Next, let's talk about this wonderful GSTurbo atomizer. It has a new, refined airflow system, and you can enjoy a great vaping experience. In order to provide you with the purest flavor, this atomizer is designed with a select GS coil. It also has a top filling system, and you can add e-juice to the tank more easily. More importantly, it has a detachable structure that allows you to clean and maintain it more easily.

For this impressive starter kit. It has five colors for you to choose. They are red, black, silver, greenery and rose gold. I'm sure you'll like this new product very much.

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