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Basic Knowledge of Vape

I am a veteran vaper. I have a systematic understanding of vape products. Novice needs rational treatment of electronic cigarettes, and it is best to understand the product before you buy it, so that you can spend less money. The vape device can be divided into two parts, a battery box and an atomizer. Battery box can be understood as a power supply. The atomizer is heated to smoke. The combination of battery and atomizer is a real vape.

A few days ago, when I saw an vape kit, I felt the appearance was good, so I decided to buy it. This device is called Kanger K-Pin Mini Starter kit. We can see from the pictures that it has six colors to choose. They are red, blue, black, green, IP green and rainbow. This electronic cigarette is simple and generous, and it's a little weight in your hand. This kit is suitable for beginners.

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