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I Choose You iStick Trim Kit

Eleaf has been in the vape game for some time, and we have enjoyed previous offering from Eleaf like the Eleaf iStick. Today we will be looking at a new generation of iStick, the iStick Trim kit, a smaller more compact vape kit. If you are new to vaping be sure to check out the Eleaf iStick Trim kit for your first vape.

The iStick Trim features a 1800mAh battery and there power levels. The mod supports 2A current for quick charge. Then the wonderful GSTurbo atomizer has newly-introduced refined airflow system. In addition, the atomizer features a detachable structure and a filling solution. So you can easier to clean and add e-juice. If you are new to vaping the Eleaf iStick Trim with GSTurbo starter kit may be the perfect starting point for you. It offers you the power and vapor production of a mod vape while maintaining the simplicity and hassle free vaping experience. We also note that compared to higher end units, the flavors were a bit muted. But if you are just starting you won’t really notice and will have something to look forward to when you want to make the next big step. And for now the iStick Trim kit is an excellent starter unit that will have you chasing clouds in no time!

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