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Why Can SMOK Stick Prince Accommodate More Juice?

The SMOK Stick Prince is a powerful tube mod that boasts an internal battery of 3000mAh. Combined with the TFV12 Prince Tank which has 8ml capacity and hyper engines, the kit brings you massive vapor. The tank also uses the patented locking mechanism that can effectively solve the leakage problem. Innovative keeps changing the vaping experience!

The entire kit stands at a height of 148mm with a total weight of 148.5g, and it is lightweight for easy to hold. Why can SMOK Stick Prince accommodate more e-juice? The mod has a diameter of 28mm which also applies to the diameter of the included TFV12 Prince, but the tank itself is a bit wider than the mod, which is what contributes to the TFV12 Prince's generous e-juice capacity.

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