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$10 Off Coupon Code | SMOK INFINIX Kit

If you are a vapor chaser, then you must have heard of the SMOK brand. SMOK is an e-cigarette brand dedicated to constantly changing the vaping experience with innovative technology. The high-power vape kit launched by SMOK has been well received by everyone. But did you find out? SMOK launched an ultra-portable Pod Kit, INFINIX Kit.

$10 Off Coupon Code | SMOK INFINIX Kit

The INFINIX Kit is an ultra-mini vape kit, which is a classic pod kit. On this device, we will get 250mAh battery capacity and 2ml e-juice storage space. Infinix comes with an air sensor that can be used directly without the need for a button. The taste of SMOK I think everyone is familiar with, even if this product is small, but the vapor production capacity can not be underestimated.

I think you need one 

If you need a portable vapor beast, don't miss it. Cloumix is in the promotion and now you will have the chance to get the special SMOK INFINIX Kit. Just enter coupon code: CMSIX10K and you will get $10 off. Of course, there is also a free shipping and 6 month warranty from Cloumix. what are you waiting for?

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