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How to Choose High-Nicotine Vape? Vape Guide

More and more friends choose e-cigarettes to replace traditional cigarettes. However, as you know, many friends who have used cigarettes can't adapt to e-cigarettes. Why? Because the content of nicotine is not high in common e-juice. This is also why many smokers feel that the taste of e-cigarettes is too dull.

For everyone to slowly accept vaping, there are a lot of high-nicotine devices. Unlike the common MTL vape and DL vape, high-nicotine devices have many differences. In other words, its output is more gentle. Due to the high-nicotine content of e-juice we use, the resistance and output power of the coil is a key factor. High-nicotine vaping requires a coil of > 1.2-ohm resistance and <20W output power.

Why? The lower the resistance will bring more vapor production. Then, the amount of nicotine we inhale at the moment will become more. Excessive nicotine inhalation by us will cause excessive irritation in the throat and lungs. If you use too much output power at this time, it will enhance the atomization effect, resulting in greater vapor production. In the end, what we got was not the happiness brought by high-nicotine vaping, but the pain.

In short, if you want a better high-nicotine vape, then you need to watch the device's coil resistance and output power carefully. Of course, there are everyone's evaluation of this equipment and the quality of the products. Only a safety device can bring a pleasant experience. What do you think?

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