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What Will You Get from Cthulhu Tube Mod

The Cthulhu Tube Mod is a semi-mechanical Vape Mod. It can be freely scaled to change its length, so we can use 18650 batteries or 18350 batteries. I really like this design, it's powerful and the equipment is more flexible.

How about Cthulhu Tube Mod

Many vapers worry that semi-mechanical mods are not as strong as mechanical mods, which is not the case. The semi-mechanical mod comes with a chip that not only has the same power output but also provides us with a safer environment.

It is equipped with a Dual MOSFET chip, which has features short circuit protection and reverse battery protection. We don't need to worry about any security issues. In addition, it supports 0.1 ohms, and the maximum current is 40A. Simple and powerful, now with this Mini device, we can easily get the impact of the vaping effect.

If you like it too, let's take a look at What’s in the Cthulhu Tube Mod Package:

1 x Cthulhu Tube MOD (without cell)

1 x User Manual (please read the manual carefully before use to ensure a better vaping experience)

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