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Joyetech eRoll MAC PCC Review | A magic and powerful vape pen kit comes!

Joyetech eRoll MAC PCC looks as common as other pen kits, but, if you don't know it, maybe you are likely to miss a magic vape kit!

So, what's the magic power of eRoll MAC PCC?

Joyetech eRoll MAC is an all-in-one device that puts everything together. Which is a simple and stylish Portable Charging Case, a tiny vape pen, two extra cartridges are inside. 

Measuring 100mm height by 9.2mm width, working with 180mAh internal battery, the eRoll MAC is a slim and sleek portable draw-activated vape pen. And the eRoll delivers a constant output of 3.7V. Moreover, there are two replacement cartridge in the case, 0.55 ml capacity and they feature ceramic coils reading at 1.2 ohm

How Joyetech eRoll MAC vape pen and PCC achieve Fast Charge?

There are two ways to charge eRoll MAC vape pen. One is via the traditional USB cable, the other is placing the vape into the charging case. The Joyetech eRoll Mac PCC is an ultra-slim and light case that has a 2000mAh storage battery, which only takes 90 minutes to fully charged that 2000 mAh. And there are 4 indicator lights to display the battery status. When your Joyetech eRoll MAC Vape pen runs out of battery, you just need to put it in the case and it will be fully charged in just 30 minutes.

Sounds great? That's definitely a special pen kit from Joyetech in 2019!The eRoll Mac PCC Kit can be pre-ordered on the great vape online store Sourcemore at the moment for less than $40. Maybe you will find a new vape world by vaping with the Joyetech eRoll MAC Kit!

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