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Unbiased View On Smok Trinity Alpha Pod kit

Finally, I got my Smok trinity alpha pod kit. Here I am going to share you my personal experiences on it.

Comparing with the same walkie-talkie type pod kits, the smok trinity alpha has a proper inhaling resistance, smooth air-in system, and no noise generated during vaping.

It has a short drip tip, there is no design to prevent juice burning, and concentration like the Justfog Q16 pod kit. With the 1.4 ohm coil has no juice burning and concentration, but for 0.6ohm and 0.8ohm, you will have the problem with it. Of course, advanced vapers can solve it with an exact operation with the button and airflow system adjusting to solve it. Perhaps, Smok is aiming to make us be a super vaper.

It has a high reduction degree for the juice. I have tried the regular coil in 0.6/0.8/1.4ohm and 1.4 ceramics coil.

The design, appearance is in high craftsmanship. The pull and plug juice filling method are very convenient.

For details review

There are some imperfections for the atomizer in structure and design. I have two pod kits, the rainbow looks good, but the silver has a problem on leaking which may cause the circuit. The most reason for the leaking is the design for the coil, which is easy to change the coil but is it not seal as the classic coils. The bugs focus on the coil connection and product control, which is a high percentage, lead to the problem during the vaping.

For the two pod kit I have, the rainbow is very tight, and the silver one is just suitable. I can enjoy the smooth pull and plug feature for opening the top cap. What I have to suffer is the leaking because of the accidental opening of the cap. The tight one would not lead to a leak. I am it is because the quality control did not have a strict checking for it.

Smok, as one of the largest manufactures on the vaping devices, needs an improvement on the quality control so that our customers to get a high-quality kit.

In conclusion
Once you ask whether I recommend to friends, I would not do that as some imperfections on details in quality. For myself, I would choose it vaping on the go as it has a great flavor and easy for operation. 

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