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asMODus ANANI MTL RTA Features

Measuring 24mm diameter and 3.5mm*1.4mm post holes, ANANI MTL RTA  is made of Stainless steel construction with two post build deck. It comes with 5.3mm deep juice well, Gold plated grub screws, Gold plated squonk and standard 510 pins and 510 connection.

The innovation of this RTA is that the coil positioning notches machined into deck rim, and top airflow design leak-free, which offers you excellent flavor. What's more, there also are wide bore Goon-style 810 drip tip and squonk pin.

lmportant Notice: This Rebuildable Tank atomizer only for highly experienced vapers. Building coils should be supported with a wide knowledge of OHMS LAW.

How to build the RTA

1. Before starting, make sure your hands are clean.

2. Take the ANANI apart and clean with warm water.
3. Installation of pre-wrapped coil: Place the ends of the coil into the post holes and position it directly at the center of the airhole and tighten the grub screws. Adjust the coil to ensure it is not touching the base.
4. Cut the excess leads off as close to the deck as possible.
5. Cut a strip of cotton and make sure its just enough to catch juice on both sides.
6. Insert the cotton through the coil and adjust as necessary.

7. Cut the ends of the cotton at an angle to get the desired length for proper WiCking.
8 Wet the coil with your e-liquid and adjust the cotton.

Converting to squonk RTA

This RTA can be used as a squonker RTA for bottom feeding devices. This kit has an extra pin that can convert the RTA from a regular 510 pin to a squonker 510 pin by simply unscrewing the regular pin and replacing it with the supplied 510 squonker pin.

Warning: Coils must be checked for resistance before firng with a device. Recheck periodically to ensure resistance remains the same.

If you need any additional information or have any questions about the product or its use, please contact our website at www.sourcemore.com.

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