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Vapefly TGO Kit Deal

I was surprised by its weight. It feels heavy and sturdy in the hand.  Sometimes being light is good, but this heft instills confidence.

Vapefly TGO Pod Mod Kit

The paint is smooth and durable. I tried to put this Pod through its paces, setting it down on marble, pavement, and the rough liner of a truck bed.  There is not even a scratch on it! I think they did an outstanding job with the aesthetics.

Filling the pod is easy. The pod features top filling and a child lock. However, the juice windows, although pleasing to the eye, don’t allow enough light in to see your fill level.

Charging is done in a snap. While charging, it gives you the current percentage and it’s so fast to charge you can see noticeable progress from glance to glance.

The vaping experience and functions

When you vaping with the 0.3Ω and 0.6Ω mesh coils, both coils gave a rich, full vape experience.  They seem to be long-lasting coils, and the mesh produces OUTSTANDING flavor!  I wouldn’t say either coil is a cloud chucker, compared to your larger sub-ohm coils, but the vapor they do produce is more than satisfying and plenty.

The 2300mah internal battery lasts me all day long.  Now, granted, I am vaping at most 40 watts with the provided coils.

Considering the Vapefly TGO has a 70-watt capacity, I am curious if Vapefly has plans for a rebuildable coil option.  Couple that with an MTL coil (nudge, nudge Vapefly), and this lust might turn into love!

The TFT screen on the front side holds up its end of the bargain.  It’s a beautiful, well lit, clear display.Easily read are your modes, battery level, watts, resistance, volts, puff counter, and timer. Also, on the display, is your fingerprint function, which given the name TGO (touch and go), would be appropriate for me to discuss at this point.

When you first set up the device you have to load in at least two fingerprints with the option of six fingerprints total.  This works exactly the same way as your smartphone for unlocking.

 It's very easy to set up with clear instructions provided. The device remains unlocked for three minutes and then locks again. If you choose to bypass this mode, it will remain unlocked for 24 hours and then re-enter the fingerprint lock mode.

With the allowance of 6 fingerprints, you can unlock the device in any awkwardly held fashion you choose.  Or, you can do what I did, and gift the lady a couple of fingerprints.  Birthday, check.  Christmas, check.
Vapefly TGO Pod Mod Kit

Price: $34.39 (at Sourcemore), Use Code: VTPK


I really enjoyed vaping The Vapefly TGO Pod Mod.  It’s a smart, well thought out device. If you’re a parent and want to do everything you can to keep vaping out of the hands of children, this device is for you. Well done Vapefly.

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