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5 Tips Teach You To Improve Metabolism

 If you want to lose weight , the best way is to improve metabolism, there is some way .

1. Protein can accelerate metabolism

That's right.Compared with fats and carbohydrates, proteins can accelerate metabolism because the body needs more energy to consume protein.This is also the heating effect of the food principle: the energy consumption of food.Research has found that proteins required for energy consumption is twice the consumption of carbohydrates.Generally we diet, 14% of energy from protein.If we change the diet structure, protein provides double heat, but the intake of carbohydrates is relatively less, so every day metabolic heat consumption can increase from 150 to 150 calories.

Tip: each meal added 10 to 20 grams of protein.Drink a cup of low-fat yogurt for breakfast can complement about 13 grams of protein, lunch a soy foods can add about 10 grams of protein, a fish dinner can supplement 17 grams of protein.

2. Before meals to eat grapefruit can accelerate metabolism
Error.Grapefruit is not a magic food, cannot make metabolism miracle, but grapefruit really can help people lose weight.Three meals a day before to eat half a grapefruit, stick to 12 weeks, can help people lose 4 pounds.Principle is: grapefruit is rich in cellulose and moisture, can make you dinner to reduce the intake of calories.

Tip: half a grapefruit, an orange before 3 eat staple food, instead of a salad or soup, is to lose weight.

3. Dumbbell is better than aerobic exercise can improve the metabolism

That's right.Muscle strength exercise can help people exercise, every 3 pounds of muscle, increase metabolism burning heat can be increased by 6% to 6%, which means that can consume 100 more calories a day.While aerobic exercise can not help people exercise lean muscle.Is the best way to increase lean muscle endurance exercise.

4. Celery is a kind of negative calorie food, because the heat needed to digest it than it provides more calories.

Error.The heating effect of the food show that every time to digest food consumes a certain quantity of heat.But the process is very few calories consumed.Like a celery contains quantity of heat is only about 6 calories, and food thermal effect produced by it only consumes 0.5 calories.

Tip: celery is a kind of healthy food, can lower blood pressure.But don't eat celery delusion can lose weight.

5. Tea can improve metabolism

That's right.Green tea and oolong tea in the tea polyphenols can improve the rate of body fat.A Japanese study found that people who drink a cup of oolong tea every day, can to improve metabolic rate by 10%, a cup of green tea every day, can to improve metabolic rate by 4%, and the study found that drinking two to four cups of tea a day, with around 375-675 mg of tea polyphenols, can make human body heat consumption increase 50 calories a day, a year down, can make the weight 5 pounds.

Tip: to drink a cup of green tea a day, at the same time to drink lemon water can help the body absorb tea polyphenols.

Those all lose weight need you persistance a long time , and the effects of it is very small , if you want to lose weight quickly , just try Japanese Lingzhi 2 Day Diet .

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